60-year-old sanitation workers and breakfast stall holders from the half-pot of hot oil poured

Changchun City, 60-year-old sanitation workers Ren Feng as usual to Hongqiao Street cleaning
Ren Fengcai body 20% skin deep II degree burns. 11 at 5 o'clock in the morning, Changchun City, 60-year-old sanitation workers Ren Feng as usual to Hongqiao Street cleaning; 6:40, when he swept to an open-air breakfast stall, and the operator had a contradiction, Half pot fried fritters hot oil poured directly to him ... ... injury body 20% skin deep II degree burns reporter saw Ren Fengcai, he was sitting in the hospital hospital burns, because the back of severe burns, he could not lie down, His right hand wrist, fingers, left foot and feet full of a string of blaze, the left arm, chest skin was hot was purple, blister was transparent, it seems that the hand will be a touch of light The On his face, the body covered with the treatment of scald ointment, glowing shiny. Left side of the elbow of local skin off, into a pale, subcutaneous capillaries seepage of blood, hurt shocking. Because the hot oil is from his head down, so that his ears are big lap, and the left ear has become less light. "Thanks to my hat, the hat is a lot of oil to block, or else the skin had to burn off." Ren Feng said. According to the doctor, Ren Fengcai body 20% of the skin is deep II degree scald, will face a long treatment and rehabilitation process. Cause and breakfast stall owners dispute the oil was spilled Ren Feng said that in Hongqiao Street from the satellite road about 100 meters there is a site, a family in this breakfast, fried fritters, what buns, sold to nearby workers. They put the seats are placed on the lawn, but always in the urban management before the closing of work, and other urban management and then put out to sell dinner Han. Because many of the diners, this environmental sanitation has become Ren Fengcai a heart disease. "Every day it will sweep a lot of disposable lunch boxes, chopsticks, beer bottles, and sometimes one day can take away two garbage." Ren Fengcai said, "morning I swept here, see him under the cloth some dirty things, I want to clean, Want him to lift the cloth. "I did not expect to be a stall of a young man's abuse. "I am also very angry, because they have been so very dirty, I did not suppress the fire, with a broom to gently poke him." Ren Fengcai said, "the results he picked up fried fritters clip I, I flew away. "In his side of the effort, the man actually put a fried fritters in the large bowl of stainless steel, which there are half pot of hot oil," I am back to the children of God, the results rush all of a sudden Half of the oil came over ... ... "After the oil was poured, Ren Feng was the first to remove the hat, and then began to undress, to avoid the hot oil on the clothes caused by more severe burns, and then he to clean the squad leader Guo even called The Guo Lianju came to the police and contacted the 120 ambulance, sent him to the burn hospital. "I did not think he was so serious so hard, we have only a few people who scrape together more than 700 dollars, I contacted the hospital through the leadership of the hospital, he said no matter how much, first sent to cure. The "At that time to see the back of the shoulder position injury was particularly heavy, feeling the meat was quickly cooked." A witness to the scene of the construction staff said, and more workers have expressed impunity for the behavior of the breakfast stall young man. "They are in this stall is also to facilitate us to eat, they are not easy to die early, but sanitation workers is not easy, people want to clean, you with the chant, how can the oil poured people?" A worker said The Progress Shouyou who was taken away the injury to be identified According to Ren Fengcai said, with hot oil poured him is a twenty-seven eight-year-old boy, after the incident he wanted to escape. "Later, the people of the site came back to say 'you do not run, nothing matter', he came back." Police rushed to the scene, the man brought to the police station for investigation. According to the police station in Zhuhai Road police station, the current case is still under investigation, to see Ren Fengcai injury identification results in order to decide whether to pursue the criminal responsibility of the wounded, the police also suggested that they do a good job through judicial means to resolve the matter. "6 o'clock when we have not work, but after all, in our area, we still feel guilty, if necessary, we will donate." Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone Urban Management Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, a city management team said. Another urban management team said that they had to prescribe breakfast points before 8 o'clock, before leaving to clean the ground health, "most of the stall holders are with, but there are also individual does not match. Scald sanitation workers of this street vendors, it belongs to us with the 'guerrilla', we go to work, he finished the work, so we get off work, he came out, we will increase the inspection efforts. "Encounter his wife suffering from cancer treatment flower Light accumulation of Ren Feng's wife a few years ago suffering from laryngeal cancer, in order to give her treatment, Ren Feng and son, daughter almost spent all the savings at home. "Spent nearly 200,000, made three operations, but in the first half of last year she was gone ... ..." Ren Fengcai said, "I do sanitation workers earn 2,000 a month, buckle out to rent a house, eat, although save no less, But also better than do not make money strong ah. "Ren Fengchen daughter daughter Liu said that in order to cure her mother, more than one hectare at home to pack out, the rural house also sold. Now her husband working outside, she took her son in Changchun odd jobs, less than 2,000 yuan a month income. "I thought of medical expenses, I have to worry about death." Ms. Liu said. Voice authority to help the rights of Ren Feng was severely burned, Changchun City Appearance and Sanitation Administration Environmental Sanctuary Director Liu Xiaolong said he had contact with the open area of ​​the sanitation department of the person in charge of investigation and help rights. The relevant person in charge of the sanitation department of the open area said that they were very shocked when they heard Ren Fengcai's encounter, and that was too much. He has reported to the leadership of the matter, and will discuss how to help Ren Fengcai rights. "I am also going to take this matter as a case, inform the captain, the squad leader, and teach them how to avoid harm when they encounter a similar dispute." The official said. According to Article 37 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of Public Security and Administrative Punishment, the person who deliberately hurts the body of another person and the victim is over 60 years of age, More than 15 days of detention, and impose a fine of not less than 500 yuan 1,000 yuan. If the degree of injury to minor injuries, the perpetrator suspected of intentional injury (minor injuries), should be punished with imprisonment for three years or less. At the same time, the victims of the medical expenses incurred, loss of working time, care, transportation, hospital food subsidies, disability compensation (if any), spiritual solatium, lawyers, etc., are borne by the tortfeasors. In fact, we do not like to listen to the sentence is: 'You are doing this, if I do not throw garbage, you are not unemployed? "Interview, the 50-year-old sanitation workers Ms. Lee Say. Sanitation workers said that their daily disrespect for the main behavior are: to see them in the cleaning is also free to throw garbage, cleaning dust dust is too much abuse, individual vendors confused floor garbage collection is not clean up, The windows of the parcels of the sanitation workers risked into the traffic to clean up, to discourage uncivilized behavior was the other side of the white eyes or even scolded ... ... sanitation workers said they are not afraid of hard work, but I hope everyone on the sanitation work more understanding And support, after all, to keep a good health of the city, the need for the full participation of the community.

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