Qinghai door source 6.4 earthquake 600 housing cracking loss of 76 million

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake occurred in the source county
The picture shows the damaged village of the village of Gimabei Village, Beishan Town, Menyuan County. Hu Guilong Photo taken as the source of the county town of North Village, Jinba Tai Village damaged housing. (Hu Guilong Luo Yunpeng Pei Fei) reporter learned from the relevant departments of the source source County, the new round of the new round of the door Verification, as of January 21 at 12 o'clock, the county occurred after the 6.4 earthquake, a total of 600 households housing cracks in varying degrees, of which the main house 230, with room 370, wall varying degrees of cracks 400, livestock shed Varying degrees of cracks 1132, 135,000 square meters (of which need to rebuild 400), the above economic losses of 76 million yuan project. At 21:13 on January 21, the source of the county occurred 6.4 earthquake, the depth of the earthquake 10 km The county has a sense of shock, Imperial City, Beishan, Qingshi mouth and other areas of strong feelings. According to reports, the epicenter from the source of the county 33 kilometers, located in the imperial slope area, with the September 20, 2013 earthquake occurred for the same source. According to the Qinghai Seismic Network Center more than one revision, as of January 21 at 13 o'clock, the magnitude of aftershocks 465 times, the largest aftershocks 3.9. In addition, the source of the county transportation department has organized the transport, road, highway maintenance team, urban and rural passenger and urban public transport enterprise staff to carry out emergency preparedness work, build passenger vehicle 20, excavator 2, loader 2, Unloading 5, the temporary formation of the rescue team 73 all on standby, the high-speed railway station, State Road 227 line, the Osaka mountain tunnel, provincial highway 302 and rural roads and large and medium-sized bridge for a comprehensive investigation.

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