Long March II F rocket final test work done in good condition

To the rocket on the equipment to power the preparatory work
People's Network Jiuquan September 15 (He Yingchun Gao Zeng Ge) Temple II space laboratory scheduled for September 15 at 22:04 officially launched. Aerospace Science and Technology Group, Long March II, deputy chief architect of the rocket Liu Feng said that the task of carrying the Long March II F rocket is currently the final test work has been completed, the product in good condition. It is reported that the Long March II F rocket is dedicated to manned space two carrier rockets, is currently China's all rocket system in the most complex rocket, with the launch of the target aircraft and space laboratory and manned spacecraft two states, Carrying capacity of 8.6 tons and 8.15 tons respectively. Up to now, the Long March II F rocket successfully implemented 11 launch missions, the success rate of 100%, it is known as the arrow. Liu Feng said that relative to the launch of the Long March II Long2 FT1 rocket, this time to undertake the mission of the Long March II FT2 rocket technical status changes a total of 89, which has not been verified flight has 38, most of the changes are Is to improve the reliability of the product, this proportion is about 50% or more. Liu Feng said that from the last Shenzhou 10 manned spacecraft has been launched for three years, this time we on the Long March II F rocket crafted, based on the original rocket, continue to find the weak links, and continuously improve the rocket reliability , For all aspects of each product, small to each screw in the process, have carried out the reliability of the increase. For the concern of the launch process, Liu Feng also conducted a popular science. Rocket launch negative three hours later, the system for the final preparation before the launch; negative two hours, the ground equipment began to power, some front and rear equipment for network communication, and some self-test; to an hour, to the rocket On the arrows on the equipment in the working state; to negative thirty minutes when the tower platform to open; negative two minutes negative for a minute, the beginning of the equipment on the power of the preparatory work; Enter the countdown, ready to ignite.

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