The driver drove the school bus to die dead passers to escape to open the 8 hours to the buyer

Fatigue driving down the pedestrian was afraid of escape suspected school bus driver Chai a phone to admit their traffic accident escaped the fact
(Xinhua Zhang Chao) driving a new school bus from Hubei to Xinjiang to deliver buyers, due to 8 hours on the way without a break, went to Guanzhong Central Zhouzhi County and Meixian junction, the driver Chai a due to fatigue driving Will be a walking man knocked down, because fear he did not stop the rescue, but driving escape. When he traveled to the territory of Gansu Tianshui, was Baoji police seized. Investigation and supervision of a new school bus right front headlights damaged suspicious January 1 evening 7 o'clock, Meixian Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade received 110 command center command: Guanzhong Central Zhou Mei (Zhou to County to Meixian) at the junction of the road lying on one, Suspected to be a traffic accident. Duty traffic police rushed to the scene and found a male body lying in the middle of the road, the head was crushed deformation, the car escape. Meixian traffic police brigade soon set up a "1.1" death escaped accident task force, the task force will focus on the road along the monitoring, the accident time through the sections of all vehicles for investigation. The investigation: in the distance from the west side of the 500 meters at the monitoring bayonet, shooting a new standard school bus, no suspension plate, in the lower left corner of the front windshield to see "? C01 * 76" (Specifically what area, a moment can not see), the car right headlights and leaf plate damage, right front front view mirror missing. At this point, its suspicion rises. In addition, the ad hoc group found that there are two hanging in the line of the school standard school bus are no exception, temporary grade were "? C01 * 75,? C01 * 77". The task force will be three cars through the territory of all the monitoring screenshots of the province out of control, master the car's driving trajectory, and ultimately determine the license plate in front of the word is "E", and they pass the 310 National Road Qi eyebrow junction, toward the direction of the chicken Driving. Another traffic police immediately rushed to the investigation of Zhou to the county, that "E C01 * 76" brand bus through the week to the county group charge station when the vehicle intact. As the remote land licensing information in the public security network resources can not be shared, the brigade and Shiyan City, Hubei Province traffic police detachment to contact, sent to the letter of correspondence. More than an hour later, Shiyan City traffic police detachment feedback on the suspect school bus contact, police phone and the car driver Chai a contact. Fatigue driving knocked down pedestrians because of fear of escape suspected school bus driver Chai a phone to admit their traffic accident escaped the fact that he was driving the car has arrived in Tianshui City, Gansu Province, the police ordered its immediate parking, and in the Telephone to appease Chai a mood to prevent the occurrence of radical behavior. 4:00, Baoji traffic police in Tianshui City, Gansu Province, the suspect will catch the suspect. Originally, Chai a Hubei by a company commissioned to drive the card for the E C01 * 76 standard school bus sent to a buyer in Xinjiang, the accident occurred, he has been driving for 8 hours. Walking in the final team he, accidentally collided with pedestrians Zhang, Zhang died on the spot. After the accident, he was afraid of no parking rescue, so he did not think that the Baoji police overnight cracked the case. At present, Chai has been approved by the People's Procuratorate Meixian arrest, the case is still under investigation. Meixian Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade accident squadron squadron Zhang Zhen reminded the driver friends, driving at night must be cautious slow, pay attention to safety, can not fatigue driving.

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